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James Graham
Camera Assistant/
Junior Operator

Contact Details:

For availability and bookings please call Kirsty on 0208 840 6030 or mail crew@thefirm.co.uk


James has had a keen interest in photography since he was 8 years old! He's started messing around with his dad's Super8 camera making holiday videos.

Since growing up, James trained as a camera assistant at Shooting Partners for 3 years in a variety of different areas from multi-camera studio to outside broadcast, from PSC to ENG. He also undertook technical management responsibilities on major corporate events. He also worked part-time for a lighting company to improve his lighting skills and knowledge which has enabled him to film and light various music videos for friends.

James has been freelance since 2012.


Studio Multi-Camera Assistant, OB Camera Assistant

Useful to know:

UK Passport, driving licence, PADI certified



Production Company

Ministry of Curious Stuff Series 1 & 2
Count Arthur Strong
National Lottery


Camera Crew TV